Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Complete That Scene!

Apparently, some new software in development will one day let you play mashup with your (or anyone else's, really) vacation photos in a big way. I can already tell you this would incredibly useful to have from a visual fx perspective.

Of course, it makes faking photographs easier for anyone so inclined to do so--pranksters, conspiracy theorists, governments.

But as with all things, especially on the web, you shouldn't always believe what you see.

Still, God Bless the internet, eh?

(I'm goin' a little crazy on the whole blog thing today....)

1 comment:

Morgue said...

Man, people are gullible. Even with half a dozen CG artists and a gaffer pointing out obvious flaws in the pictures (which are admittedly pretty nifty), people are still talking about it as though it was some kind of real craft.