Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Unanswered Question about the iPhone

The tech world's been abuzz lately with the release of the much ballyhooed iPhone. There's no doubt it's a cool little gadget, but there remain a lot of questions about whether it's truly a paradigm shift. Why no 3G? Why can't you copy/paste text with the spiffy software keyboard? Will Apple release a carrier-neutral version soon?

And most importantly -- will it blend?

Turns out it does. Okay. Maybe it's just some sour grapes. I don't have mine yet.

As Gollum says: "We wants one bad, precious."

(oh, and stay for the other videos on "Will it Blend?" It's silly fun!)

1 comment:

Morgue said...

I love "Will It Blend?" but, man, those BlendTec blenders are 400 bucks. That seems kind of steep, unless you have a lot of stuff you really need reduced to a fine powder.