Monday, August 9, 2010

Six Things I learned at Clarion West

Some of you may stumble upon my blog looking for tidbits about what to expect from the Clarion West experience. Maybe you're thinking about applying (you should) or maybe you've just learned you got in (yay!)--but either way, you're dying to know what happens on the inside.

Here, then, is a small peek into the mysterious inner workings of the workshop.

  1.  Apply steady pressure and it'll be okay.
  2.  The Zombie Apocalypse is survivable. 
  3.  Fear nothing, especially spiders. 
  4.  Always wear a life jacket. There be sirens on the reef. 
  5.  The only thing creepier than one doll's head is eighteen of them.
  6.  All things in moderation. Especially sleep. Especially during Week 6.

Your experience may vary, of course.


Sandra said...

Dust zombies!

Dust zombie erotica!

Erotic dust zombies!

Utopiana said...

This made me laugh! Because it's true.