Thursday, October 25, 2007

How to Waste Time at Work

The InkGorilla has not posted in awhile because work has kept him very busy. Well, worry no more for work has become decidedly less so.

In the spirit of great internet time wasters, here are a few gems that my co-workers uncovered.

It's a guy on a sled. And you draw the hills.
This can actually get pretty elaborate. Check this out.
My guy usually crashes and burns after the first slope....

No, not the Dustin Hoffman movie of the 1990s, but a Japanese puzzle game created in Flash. Lots of clues to figure out, with the ultimate goal of getting yourself out of the locked room. Addictive and infuriating at the same time. (Random clicking sometimes seems to help.) The puzzles are fun, but the game cheats a little by revealing new things to click on that weren't there when you started.

The mother of all time-wasters. It's sort of like having an interactive ant-farm with napalm and flammable oil.
There are many flavors of the game on this site, a particularly disturbing one is "Falling Sand Hell", where one of the things you can play with are little stick figure sinners falling from the sky.

Have fun.

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Tedwrd said...

No posts since Thursday, October 25, 2007?
You are wasting time at work.